Roberto Cortelli, “Scusate… se usa e consuma”

Patrizia Poli
3 min readFeb 21, 2022

This essay has no title, it is recognized through an isbn code. It is the final part of a trilogy, which also includes “My Continuous Becoming” and “The Omniverse”, which the author himself defines as “a trilogy of thoughts, considerations, opinions, comparisons, hopes, opportunities”.

My comment, written by a person he would call “the usual fool”, does not want and cannot go into the accuracy of the theories disclosed, I can only try to summarize them. The part with which I too agree, because it reflects my own philosophy, is that the individual does not count, nor the species, but rather LIFE itself, which is renewed and never ends. Cortelli adds a unifying force, namely LOVE, capable of uniting and producing cooperation.

In a future utopian society, selfishness and a distorted sense of self would fall, in favor of collaboration between cells for the health of the whole organism, defined as the “system of Complexity.” There would be no more nations, no borders, no properties, no wars, no pollution, no diseases and resources would be available to everyone. In order for this to happen, however, everyone must play his part in the first person, it is only through the awareness, and the correct behavior of the individual, that the planetary change can be triggered especially in future generations. And the first step is individual voluntary abstention from purchasing products marketed by those who do not care about the health of the environment but only their own economic profit.

Make that individual choice that multiplied by all the individuals on the planet wipes out the system of profit, of multinationals, of lobbies, of rich and poor, of bosses and workers, of rulers and subjects. The whole planet belongs to those who live there and is here, now, forever and ever for US. EVERYONE! The planet has no geographical and political borders except on man-made atlases. “

It is the profit multinationals that manipulate information, operate a sort of collective hypnosis to keep us in subjection. COMMON SENSE must be rediscovered.

COMMON SENSE that every human being possesses in Nature at the moment of their conception. That COMMON SENSE free from cultural, religious and political conditioning always and in any case attached to anything impermanent, that COMMON SENSE which allows ALL cells to cooperate in LIFE “

This is the overall basis of the book, on which information of all kinds is grafted…

Patrizia Poli

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