The Place of Shameful and Talent

Patrizia Poli
5 min readJul 4, 2022

“Well, in your opinion, is he phobic? Is it possible that he has so many girls? Is it possible that he goes out every night? Nope. “
There is only one social phobia, but everyone is phobic in his own way, everyone is himself, according to his experience, his environment, his habits and in the same family a child is born phobic and the other is not. We know it’s a frontal cortex problem.

Things that scare are not the same for everyone. Some fear contact with the opposite sex, others fear job interviews, university exams, social occasions, showing their artistic or sporting skills, doing something in public. There are those who are anxious and blaze at the supermarket checkout, those who cannot eat at the restaurant. (I eat there, but I prefer what Manzoni called “the place of the shameful”, that is, behind), those who hate the telephone (!)
Do you remember the infamous gymnastics hour in middle school, when no one signed your exemption, and you had to jump the terrible obstacle, sure that you would be smashed to the ground under the eyes of the laughing companions?
Seriously, there are those who face their misfortune and those who withdraw, those who love to show off and those who hide, those who are ambitious and those who just want to live in peace. I tell you; follow your nature, it will show you the way, if something is fundamental for you, you will find a way to do it, head on if you are capable, or bypassing the obstacle, delegating. If you are thirsty, convince yourself, the important thing is to drink, even if, of course, pouring the water yourself would give you more satisfaction. Aim for the goal and put the guilt behind you for not having achieved it in the classic way, as others do. You have your methods, your times, you are you.
Throwing yourself into it and doing everything that scares us can be a good workout, but it shouldn’t become the obligation that turns your every day into a nightmare. It is already so tiring to live, already every gesture natural for others becomes a burden, a barrier for us, let’s not waste all the energy to do what we don’t know how to do, let’s use it to develop our talents, to enuclear them, to cultivate them, let’s convey it on pleasant activities, which can make us progress in life without mortifying us and exhausting us.
There is, however, I believe, one thing that unites us all: the fear of…

Patrizia Poli

Patrizia Poli was born in Livorno in 1961. Writer of fiction and blogger, she published seven novels.